Marty McFly has entered the building - The first smart electric skateboard

/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/skater-2062573_640.jpgMarty McFly has entered the building - The first smart electric skateboard

Let me take you back to the future, to the world of time travelling and air-floating skateboards. Weren’t we all secretly hoping that one day technology would bring us one of these futuristic gadgets? Well, you can stop dreaming. Meet: the Spectra, world’s smartest electric skateboard.

Okay, I admit, we’re not yet there what the hovering part is concerned, but the AI in this little bumblebee is simply stunning and even something Marty would be envious of. And it’s totally portable as well.

The Smart, the Quick and the Light

The Spectra, developed by WALNUTT, has a 3D Posture Control System, an ABS breaking system, and can be controlled from your smart phone, taking skateboarding to an entirely new level. The features are truly remarkable:

• range: 6.5 – 20 miles
• length: 17 – 23 inches
• weight: 7.5 – 12 lbs
• top speed: 12.4 – 21.7 mph

Thanks to a whole bunch of built-in sensors, this eBoard (skateboard sounds so old-fashioned now) is not only suited for the pros, but also offers a safe ride for all you beginners out there. And honestly, watching all those eBoard commercials makes me want to buy one as well. It seems so easy. But isn’t that typical for a commercial?

To buy or not to buy

Anyway, talking about buying one: at the moment of speaking, the Spectra comes in four types: Mini, Advanced, Pro and Silver, costing between 299 and 1199 dollars on Indiegogo’s crowdfunding platform.

A bit worrying might be the fact that it’s not fully waterproof, only water resistant. But then again, you won’t be riding your Spectra when it’s raining cats and dogs.

But one of the most amazing features is without a doubt the Regenerative Braking technology, which will simply recharge your eBoard whenever your run out of juice. The only thing you have to do is ride it long enough and you are good to go again.

However cool and next-gen this new invention might sound, it brings some problems with it as well. The first one is that of categorising an eBoard. In some countries eBikes have already been categorised on the basis of their top speed. As a result, owners of an eBike that exceeded a certain limitation were suddenly confronted with a law obliging them having a license plate, driver’s license, wearing a helmet and having an appropriate Insurance policy. So it remains to be seen how local governments will respond to this novelty.


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