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Hi there! New to this blog? Then it will be my pleasure to guide you around a bit, so you don’t miss anything. The fact that you are reading this probably means that you are somewhat interested in the world of jobs, trends and other interesting business news. Well, you came to the right place. Let me visualise what you can find on this blog:

These days there is a lot of crowdfunding going on. We select the most baffling projects for you, keeping you updated all the way. Maybe you even end up funding a project. Please also feel free to send us yours as well. It might just be that special something we’re looking for!

Although all our topics are business-related, our writers have a tendency to say what’s on their minds. So if you are looking for dull, superficial articles, you just took a wrong turn. Fasten your seatbelts while reading, ladies and gentlemen, and bear in mind it’s only freedom of speech.

Every now and then we’ll focus on one or two features for job seekers or employers. Just to let you get the most out of Skilltestic. Still have some questions? Contact us or try posting your query on our forum.

A selection of the most mind-blowing trends and game changing innovations will be coming your way in this category. We spot them, you read them first.

New businesses that are really worth an introduction, get a sweet spot here. Maybe your new business has what it takes to convince us to write an article about you. Don’t hesitate, just let us know.

Finally, we hope you have a great time here. Drop us a line, write comments, participate in our polls and be part of the creation of a great community!



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  1. 23rd June 2017 | Kaedon says: Reply
    Thakns for taking the time to post. It's lifted the level of debate

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