I’m destined for big things, baby… - Working as a millionaire

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So you are a millionaire. Congratulations on making it to the top of the food chain. While being one filthy rich dude in a world of over three billion starving people has its perks, you are still human and humans get bored. Especially rich ones. Say what you will about being poor, it’s not boring. It’s like walking in a forest filled with tigers. You are always keenly interested on the possibility that there’s a tiger around.

As a millionaire, this experience is slightly different. You are just mildly concerned on whether that poor bastard will bleed all over your gold-plated Humvee while that tiger eats him for breakfast. And that, my Bill-Gatesean friend can get very boring.

Even rich people have to do something with their time, and although working is not strictly a necessity, many choose to do so. Sometimes it’s out of habit; sometimes because of the power that buys them; sometimes in order to remain relevant; and sometimes because it’s all that’s keeping them from hunting their fellow humans for sport.

Working is central to our existence; it gives us a sense of purpose and makes the whole enterprise of life seem somehow worthwhile. It is actually quite amusing how when material survival is no longer an issue, having something to do with your time becomes hugely important.

For most of us plebs, becoming a millionaire would signify that we don’t have to work another day in our lives. It would just be party, party, party all day long, for weeks on end, sniffing ridiculous amounts of cocaine from fitness models’ butts. But even that can get old. You know, eventually.

And that’s when things get interesting. Because conceivably, being a millionaire allows you to try anything. Indulge in any crazy idea, try out any wacky plan. You could try becoming an MMA fighter for all you know or even a Formula 1 driver; hell, you could even try to be Batman. The only limits are your imagination and your physical, mental and psychological capacity. And for the rest, you could probably hire people.

Or you could opt to take the path most traveled and become a philanthropist, whatever that means. No offense, helping people is very noble, but tossing money at them is not help. And somehow it is such a popular choice among rich people, especially Hollywood stars.

Bottom line is, the less you are bound by your basic needs, the more options are open to you. The obvious choice is becoming a rock star, but something tells me it’s not for everyone. So very much like the fairy tales of a thousand and one nights, were you the king of Bagdad (the fairy tale one, not the actual one – that one sucks) what would you like to do every day when you open your eyes and all that you saw outside the window was yours to enjoy?

Aris Pitas

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  1. 23rd June 2017 | Melissa says: Reply
    What a plsrueae to find someone who thinks through the issues
  2. 19th August 2018 | furtdso linopv says: Reply
    Greetings! Very helpful advice on this article! It is the little changes that make the biggest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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